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Homeopathy is the second largest form of medicine in the world. A homeopath chooses a remedy after getting to know their client very well. A remedy is a potentized medicine, commonly found in stores as little sugar pellets in blue tubes. After taking a remedy one time, a person can expect to feel worse for a short time and then better for a while. The homeopath will carefully analyze the remedy response and partner with the client to ensure they continue in the direction of full restoration to health.

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Types of Consults

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Sick Day Consultation

$15/day questionnaire

Are you sick? Are you contagious? Do you have changes in your appetite, your mood, discharges, aches and pains, temperature fluctuations, or discoloration? Would you call in sick and stay home from school or work? Then you probably need an acute consult.

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Constitutional Consult

$95 by questionnaire  
$145 by phone$195 in person

Do you have symptoms from something that is not contagious? You need a constitutional consult.

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Follow-up Constitutional Consult

$65 by questionnaire
$95 by phone

Did you take a remedy a few weeks ago and you need an analysis of your body's response? Are you wondering if it's time to redose or switch remedies or go up in potency? You need a follow-up consult.

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Unlimited Questionnaire Subscription


This is a package for one person that includes unlimited questionnaire services: initial consult, follow ups and acute consults. 


Gift Certificate


This certificate covers any one service to be used within one year for the person of your choosing. 

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Free Discovery Call 

Complimentary service 

Would you like to chat by phone to see if homeopathy is the right choice for you and your family? You need a discovery call!

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